Family Services

Our family services are adapted from award-winning parent programs developed at Nicasa. We help families learn effective communication and discipline skills, build on their own strengths and resources, avoid negative influences, and become empowered to raise healthy and responsible children.

Is your family in crisis? You don’t have to face your problems alone. Nicasa can help.

Family Advocacy Services

Nicasa can help your family address its needs. Our family advocacy counselors are trained to help you address whatever crises you face step-by-step.

Nicasa provides:

•  service advocacy & case management
•  parent support and education
•  referrals for health care or mental health care
•  referrals for domestic violence counseling
•  referrals to other local social service agencies and townships for financial assistance
•  family counseling
•  referrals to other Nicasa services including substance abuse treatment and anger management

Requirements for participation in family advocacy services:

•  families must have children under the age of 18 (at home or in other custody)
•  families must participate in the program for 4-6 months with weekly visits with a Family Advocacy Counselor
•  children must attend family meetings and appointments
•  families must participate in 4-6 weekly meetings of parent support and education programming

Parent Programming

Nicasa’s parent education and support programs are adapted from the nationally-recognized, award-winning Parent Project, which was developed by Nicasa in 1988. Nicasa recognizes that healthy family functioning can be an important factor in preventing substance use and other risky behaviors, especially in youth. Nicasa provides parent programming at Nicasa facilities, in workplaces, and in schools.

Family services are available in English and Spanish.

To make an appointment for family services, please contact the location nearest you.