Adult Services

AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) Education

10 hours of risk reduction education on alcohol and other drug use.

Adult Outpatient Treatment

This group counseling helps adults develop the short and long-term goals necessary for a life free from alcohol and other drugs.  Outpatient treatment recommendations are based on the severity of the substance use issue as identified in an evaluation or assessment.  To register for Outpatient Treatment, clients must make a 1-hour intake appointment.

For DUI offenders, counseling is typically recommended at one of the following levels.

  • Moderate Risk Treatment – 11 hours of group counseling in addition to AODA education
  • Significant Risk Treatment – 19 hours of group counseling in addition to AODA education
  • High Risk Treatment – 74 hours of group counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment – 9 hours per week for an average of 18 weeks

For non-DUI offenders, the above hours may vary based on your counselor’s recommendation.

Nicasa’s Adult Outpatient Treatment Schedule

DUI Services

Illinois laws require individuals arrested for DUI to obtain an alcohol/drug evaluation. In 1988, the 19th Judicial Circuit enacted a rule that all DUI evaluations in Lake County be performed by Nicasa.  As a result of the evaluation, recommendations may be made for additional education or treatment services.

SOS Services

Services to help individuals work toward the reinstatement of driving priviledges through the Secretary of State for licenses have been suspended or revoked.

Anger Management Counseling

Group counseling to help individuals address anger issues such as controlling anger and expressing anger appropriately.  This service is currently only provided to inmates at the Lake County Jail.

SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) Services

Services for Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations violations and the return-to-duty process. For more information, please see

Gambling Intervention Services

Counseling and self-exclusion services to address the needs of people who may be compulsive or problem gamblers.

Gender-Specific Services at the Judy H. Fried Center

A gender-specific treatment program for men and women with serious substance abuse issues.  The program includes a day or evening treatment program as well as comprehensive support services such as childcare, transportation, meals, self-sufficiency and job skills training, referrals for health care and domestic abuse counseling, and parent education.  This program is designed specifically for men and women ages 18 and older, with or without children, who have many issues surrounding their substance use.

Bridge House

A community-based residence for men and women recovering from chemical dependency.

Women of WORTH (Working On Restoring Trust & Hope) Recovery Group

Alumnae of Nicasa’s Women’s Services program formed a recovery support group and now actively promote recovery in the community, advocate for substance abuse service funding, organize fundraising events, and share their stories.

Aftercare Support Group

A continuing recovery group for men and women who have completed a substance abuse treatment program.  This group meets weekly at Bridge House and is led by a Nicasa counselor.