Residential Services

Nicasa's Bridge House residential recovery facility located in Waukegan

Nicasa’s Bridge House residential recovery facility located at  3016 Grand Avenue, Waukegan.

Nicasa recognizes that some individuals need extra guidance and support to transition into self-sufficient living following an addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Bridge House was opened in 1972 as Lake County’s first co-ed recovery program to meet this need.

Bridge House is a community-based residence for men and women recovering from dependence on drugs or alcohol. Founded in 1972, Bridge House serves those who need professional assistance and a supportive environment in order to facilitate independent living. The facility offers a warm, comfortable, home-like setting.

Motivated individuals are guided through a personalized treatment program by a dedicated, professional staff and through peer support.  The experience offers an alternative lifestyle — the ability to live a content and sober life, free from alcohol and other drug dependencies.  Residents are encouraged to interact with the community as part of their recovery program.

To seek admission to Bridge House:

Contact Bridge House to schedule an interview. Interviews take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. A social history report will be needed at the time of the interview or the potential client will not be interviewed.

If accepted into the program, the individual will be contacted by the staff to schedule a date of admission.

What can residents expect while at Bridge House?

The average length of stay at Bridge House is approximately 4 months during which time residents are required to attend group sessions 6 nights a week. Group meets from 6 pm – 7:30 pm.

Rent is $125 per week and includes: food, lodging, 6 nights per week of group, individual therapy and activities on the weekends.

Within the first 30 days, the residents are expected to be employed, obtain an A.A./N.A./C.A. sponsor and seek the telephone numbers of 25 individuals in recovery. Bridge House residents are allowed to work 1 day during the weekend.

Random drug screens are done while in the program.

What services are available to residents?

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Participation in self-help groups
  • Employment and vocational counseling
  • Workshops and seminars in human development
  • Peer responsibility in house government and community project
  • Family involvement series
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Aftercare counseling and alumni activities
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Food and lodging
  • Educational services
  • Bio-feedback/stress management
  • HIV/AIDS risk reduction education
  • Unique Services for Alcohol/Cocaine Abusers
  • Daily reminders on why they chose to quit
  • Documented abstinence through random drug screens
  • Cocaine Anonymous meetings, weekly, on the premises
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meeting weekly
  • Cocaine educational series that emphasizes negative consequences

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