Youth Services

Nicasa’s youth services are for youth ages 11 to 17 and begin with a comprehensive assessment that reviews all aspects of his or her life, including school, family, work, friends, etc.  From this assessment our counselors are able to make recommendations to the services appropriate for his or her unique situation.


Nicasa’s youth services provide a variety of programs that capitalize on individual strengths and skill-building to give today’s youth the tools they need to succeed and develop healthy lifestyles. Whether he or she needs a little guidance to avoid risky behaviors, life-skills to make good decisions and take responsibility, or more in-depth treatment for substance abuse issues, Nicasa has the experience to meet the needs of today’s youth. Youth progarms include education, life skills, early intervention, and outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment.  Components of these programs may include or address:

•  responsibility
•  decision-making
•  problem-solving
•  anger management
•  risks of drug/alcohol use
•  relapse prevention
•  positive alternative activities

Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative to the traditional justice system for first time youth offenders ages 10 – 18 where youth are sentenced by a group of peers.  The program is based on balanced and restorative justice.  Successful completion prevents the youth from having a court record for the offense.   Read More

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